Friday, January 12, 2018

Tom Sizemore on The JESSE T Show KTNT Radio and TV...KTNT RADIO AND TV Broadcasting Podcasting Network Tom Sizemore pops in at about 30 minutes into the show...we extended todays show to 2 hours) Today on The JESSE T Show....One of The Finest Actors In The world TOM SIZEMORE....Hooking up with JESSE T for a ground breaking interview about some of the things that are going on in his life.....An Exclusive for The JESSE TShow.....Tom is going to lay it all out and tell his side of the story...Always the fighter, he is in a battle for his life....! TodayLive @ 5 on The JESSE T Show on facebook live right here, instagram live @ Jesse Torrero, You Tube Jesse Torrero, The Power Of Voices Radio Network at www,, and over 20 otherSocial Media Networks. Join ME JESSET and TOM SIZEMORE live in studio on Digital TV and RadioAcross America and the world. Joining us for the conversation that is sure to rip apart some alleged information, and hear directly those involved is my Special Guest Natalie Stavola a terrific and talented actress and return guest to The JESSE T Show.....

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