Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The JESSE T Show KTNT RADIO AND TV Broadcast Podcast NetworkThe JESSE T Show, A daily general talk show with your HOST Jesse Torrero LA Veteran TV and Radio Personality. Seen and heard live @ 5p (PST) on The Power Of Voices Global Radio Network (www.thepowerofvoices.com) and on stations across America, also seen on KTNT RADIO & TV Broadcasting Podcasting Social Media TV Network across the world. Over 25 networks carry the show with 12 Million Google Impressions monthly, 97 Thousand new facebook shares, likes, and views monthly, and 1.25 Million Google Plus Views monthly. The JESSE T Show brings you the hottest topics going straight to the point no fancy talk, real people talk given in a way that only JESSE T can bring, also covering all the 'A' lister stars of entertainment, red carpets, premiers, award shows, political contacts, politics, controversy, conspiracies, comedy, satire, lots of audience interaction, and all the newest cutting edge connections. Check output You Tube Channel Jesse Torrero thousands of videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgU--bvB4wPy8HUFwdI0Krw

KTNT The JESSE T Show ROAD TRIP-PIN On The Real Estate Corner some CALIF...

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