Monday, June 10, 2013

What is Real? What is not Real?

With all the hype about the economy getting better and better according to our government officials one would think that we are in the greatest economic expansion since the dead sea was alive. I hear from people everyday asking me what do I think about the loan market, interest rate, and money? What do I think about real estate, value, buying, selling, and investing? The real underline concern and question that all of these individuals have is WHO DO I BELIEVE? 

I was talking with a very well respected Broker in our profession.  Yes, I have been in this business for over 30 years my self and I have a small circle of expert piers that I learn from, listen to, and share with and he and I were talking about this exact question a few days ago.  A very important point was that the baby boom generation is getting older fast, and all of the confidants that we all turned to for advice are passing on, retiring, or have just changed fields.  So many of us are left with nobody to bounce qualified information off of or go to. I got to thinking about that, deeply, and came to the agreement how true that is.

Keeping that in mind I am going to attempt to answer the questions above.

The economy is very, very weak.  This is not going to change much and it will very slowly and gradually get better but the growth period is going to be long and hard.  Our current government at the federal, state and local level are all very corrupt and have been bought and paid for by the global economists in one form or another.  Jobs are are slow growth process, and illegal immigration has lowered our standard of health, education, and overall American style of living which no longer exists only in the minds of the baby boomers and what I call the days of yesteryear.  This trend will continue.

Media is only designed to sell advertisement time and make money.  Stories are sensationalized to the degree that things that should never affect our daily lives now affects our daily lives to the highest degree which in turn cause more disdain and stress.  Evil, death, destruction, misery and pain are big dollars for the powerful and we the public suck it up like a  sponge. 

Loans, interest rate, and money are all so manipulated by the government and the global massive corrupt banking and insurance systems that what you get today is what you got today.  Real Estate value and investment is and should be considered a long, long, long term investment as it is manipulated by the banks, insurance companies, global economists and corporate mega powers, and government of which you nor I have any control over, at all.  It is only an illusion to think that we do, that our vote really stands for anything today other than a shift from one corrupt party to the other.

As far as whom do you trust, the answer is simple. NO-ONE, NO-BODY.....because nothing is as it seems, and nothing happens perchance...NOTHING!  So, do what President Reagan did and said about the topic, and that was only trust with verification.  I might ad this verification is a continuing exercise that should never stop through the body and relationship of trust from stat to end. I say trust everyone and yet trust know one at the same time.

So in conclusion here is my answer to the questions above. The best time to buy is simply when you are ready, willing, and able.  When you as a adult are ready to take on the responsibility of a property and positive and negative aspects of this.  When you are willing to give up some of your cash  and get in the game. When you are able to afford the on going obligations that come with property ownership.  Forget about the economy, forget about the interest rate, forget about what smart people may or may not say, forget about all of these things. You do it when the time for you to do it is right no matter what the world is saying or doing.

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