Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Am I Just Nuts! By Jesse Torrero Over the holidays for the first time in my life of 54 years the holidays were not special. Maybe because some personal things happened to me that rocked my boat. I'm sure that had something to do with it but it started me down a path of thought and I started to look around at what we as a society have gone through and have had to accept in order to continue. Here are some of my observations rough and raw as they may be, they are no less my observations. I really noticed how just mean people treat each other today, and how they just all seem to want to fight an argue at the drop of a pin. The government at all levels is so corrupt as all of them in both parties just lie, and cheat, and double talk, and seem to only be out for themselves. The corporations could care less about regular Americans at all, and only care about profits and the personal pocket books of upper management. Many jobs have just disappeared and are now in countries of slave labor. Unemployment is down but that is really because so many have just stopped trying to find work, or are off the books, or have had to take part time jobs. Many work for low wages. College students that graduated can not find jobs to pay off their school loans and are slaves at the start. Illegal immigrants can get legal licenses in our country now, and they are criminals. There is so much violence, sex, drugs, and criminal behavior that is directed at our youth in their games, their play, their interaction with each other. The state and the IRS keep taking all of our money. People are so stressed out, worried about their jobs, out of shape, sick, and wondering how they are going to survive when they are old. Nobody seems to care about anybody, even within a family, they only seem to care about themselves and what they can get, take, or demand,. Gas is cheap but food is 300% up in price. The police can not help anybody who calls them. Criminals always get the law to help them get lots of free stuff, and get off. There are whole segments of our society that are on government handouts from African Americans to white Americans. They all learn to cheat the system to get more free stuff, and know nothing will ever happen to them. Their is more racism, discrimination, bigotry, prejudice, hatred, dislike, fear, and low tolerance for and from people towards other people, We have strayed away from a God fearing nation that was based on Christianity. We all seem to know now what color we are. We all seem to know now what biracial group we come from. The concept that everybody has a right, which they do not, is like a absolute. People think that freedom means your free to do anything you want, and it doesn't mean that. Young people think they are entitled. English is the language that you should speak in public, not your language from another country. Immigrants are not forced to be Americans anymore. Our country does not know how to be an American country anymore. Two generations of selfish, self serving, self centeredness has happened. NOBODY PICKS UP THEIR TRASH ANYMORE. NOBODY HAS MANNERS ANYMORE. NOBODY IS COURTEOUS ANYMORE. NOBODY TRIES TO KEEP A PUBLIC BATHROOM CLEAN ANYMORE. NOBODY FOLLOWS TRAFFIC LAWS ANYMORE. PEOPLE DRIVE HOW THEY WANT TO DRIVE MAKING UP THEIR OWN RULES. NOBODY HAS RESPECT, LOYALTY, OR HONOR ANYMORE. NOBODY RESPECTS WISE OLDER PEOPLE ANYMORE NOBODY OBEYS ANYTHING ANYMORE. NOBODY HONORS TEACHERS ANYMORE. Everybody thinks it is alright to curse and use profanity. Their is no concept of style anymore everybody wants to look like hobos, with tats, and metal in their face and other places. What is it with all of these tats, especially on women, everywhere. Why does a women have to mark her body up to be pretty, when God made the female body perfect already? What happened to giving without taking? What happened to opening a door for a lady? What happened to pants that you wear above your ass? What happened with trust? What happened to the good of the many out weighs the good of the one. What happened to honesty? What happened to doing right when nobody is looking? What happened to respecting other people and their property? Does anyone back their work, their service, their word! The idea that you do more than what the job calls for, that is all gone! Nobody knows how to fix anything. Accountability is out the door. Saying your right and I am wrong is lost. Trying to solve a problem for someone that calls for some thinking is dead. Follow up, whats that? Follow through, thats a laugh. Calling back, what a stupid idea that is. Telling somebody bad news to their face, a bunch of cowards today hiding behind text, emails, voice mail, social networking. Fess-ing up to your actions, hahahahaahahahahaah! Returning a wallet you found through the mail with the money in it. Does anyone know anything anymore! Does anyone read a book anymore! Does anyone think beyond their nose anymore! Why are their so many unwed mothers, that keep having babies, did they never learn about sex with birth control? How come the gang members can have guns but law bidding citizens have to go through a bunch of legal hoops to get a weapon. Why can't good people carry a firearm? Does anyone know customer service any more without a computer telling them what they can do or not. What about the customer always being right. People do not even know how to count change. Our education is the laugh of the world. It blows my mind that pot is legal. The courts are a place on no justice. There are laws for the elite, and laws for all of us. My observation list is so long that it amazing that we are still called America. I also understand that you need to conform, and change to today or you will be left behind, but to join them because you can not beat them is not a good feeling. Unfortunately the shift has happened and shift I have, but someday soon I am going to go somewhere where I can look at that list above and say good by to that way and hello to what I know what worked and made us great, the rulers of the world. Even if I am all alone by myself, and my dog! 1/6/2015